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                          The master of controlling CNC router spindle

As a critical part of CNC router, spindle system and its performance have a great impact on the running of whole
CNC router system. This spindle system requires stepless variable speed, which is usually realized by inverter driving
asynchronous AC motors. The spindle running speed is normally within 0~24000r/min, and correspondingly the
inverter frequency is within 0~400Hz. In order to improve efficiency, large CNC routers usually have several spindles
amounted on one machine, where a single inverter can drive several spindle motors simultaneously.

 BEST VFDs (especially FC300 series) are quite suitable for CNC router/engraving machines,
and have won high reputation in domestic and international market for the below features:

        1. Excellent performance with supreme quality/price ratio
        2. Wide speed adjustment range which spindle requires
        3. Good rotating speed stability
        4. Strong overload capacity & large torque under low speed
        5. Short Acceleration/Deceleration time

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