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FC300 Multi-Functional General Purpose Inverters

FC300 series inverter is a model especially designed for an extensive range of special occasions with high quality/price ratio.Details >>

E5 General Purpose Vector Inverters

E5 series is a high performance vector control inverter. With a decent price/quality ratio, it caters to various needs in the market.Details >>

E6 High Performance Close Loop Vector Inverters

E6 series is a general purpose high performance current vector inverter, which is an upgraded model based on E5 series.Details >>

E4 General Purpose Vector Inverters

E4 series is a perfect integration of various customer requirements such as integrative Non-PG vector control, multi-section V/f control, torque control and soft start function, widely applied in fans, pumps and some other occasions which highly demands speed control precision, torque response speed, low frequency torque output.Details >>