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                      Circular Weaving Machine with Parameter Setting

BEST VFDs perform succesfully on circular weaving machines. Because of the good quality, thoughtful
service and competitive prices, our brand grows up steadily in VFD industry like a shining star.
Particularly, our VFDs' perfect performance is drawing more and more customers to adopt our devices
on their circular weaving machines.


Circular weaving machine wiring:
1. use multi-functional terminal X1, X2, X3
2. parameter settng:
   FC001=1  (external terminal control)
   FC044=01 (running function)
   FC045=06 (jog function)
   FC046=04  (STOP function)
   FC014=5  (acceleration time 1)
   FC015=3  (deceleration time 1)
3. How to act in detail:
   trigger X1, VFD starts to run
   trigger X2, VFD turns to jog
   press STOP, VFD stops