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                                                       Mid-year Sales Convention 
Every mid-year, mostly to be in early July, all sales representatives of BEST TECHNOLOGY who are stationed in
main area all over China, will come back to Changsha headquarter and held a Mid-year convention.           

             July 8, 2015     8:00 AM -6:00 PM   
             First half year work report & second half year work plan

                PPT demonstration for sales & market reporting one by one    

                 July 9-10, 2015     8:00 AM -5:30 PM
             Technical Training and Trouble Solution

                 Summarize frequent troubles encountered & equip sales team with technical essentials

After this 3-day convention, all sales members have harvested not only marketing ideas and technical
knowledge, but also high spirit and a closer friendship between each other!



                                                 BEST TEAM, BEST FUTURE!