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                                      BEST Summer Trip July 2015

Since the establishment of BEST TECHNOLOGY, all staff here enjoy a nice summer trip together each and every year.
This summer 2015, we hilariously set off for Shi Niu Zhai in Pingjiang on the morning of July 11, where we were
promised for the beautiful scene, thrilling glass bridge, and the fresh air only thick forest can provide.

Bright sun shines generously this day.
Stay in shade or keep being shined on. Hard to choose!


 Shi-Niu-Zhai! Here we go!


 Hello---Fresh Air!


We are young! We enjoy climbing! Yeah!

    What makes a real lady? Strong but still beautiful!!


The first time in my life--- Bridge, made of GLASS!!


And-----so crowded!


OK, OK, after hard labor and shock,,, now let us peacefully enjoy some sceneries….

             Hooray! More happiness and more energy!