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E6 High Performance Close Loop Vector Inverters

E6 series is a general purpose high performance current vector inverter, which is an upgraded model based on E5 series.

Voltage Level

380V 3 ph: 0.75KW-630KW

    Main Features: 
         1.  With close loop control, synchronous motor drives, torque control, simple servo
              and some other functions based on E5 series;
         2.  International cutting-edge close loop vector control technology, can realize precise
              control even to permanent magnetic synchronous motors and asynchronous motors;
         3.  Ultra-strong dynamic characteristics & overload capacity which realizes low speed
              high torque effectively;
         4.  User programming function
         5.  Background monitoring sofeware
         6.  Standard Modbus protocol,
         7.  Supportive to PG cards;
         8.  Comprehensive & strong function combinations
         9.  More stable performance

    Technical Parameters: